Published Traveller’s World Stories

At time of writing, thirty stories set in the Traveller’s World have been published since 1996, ranging from a 130,000 word novel to a piece that’s barely longer than flash fiction. Some have been stand-alone books, some have appeared in anthologies, some have featured in magazines, ranging from professional to very amateur. A good many are now out of print (marked O/P below).

I’ve listed them all below, with those focusing on the Traveller, Eltava and Kari & Fai grouped together. Links are given when the stories are still available.

The Traveller

At An Uncertain Hour

Sea-Dreams — published in Xenos 1996 (O/P)

The Lady of the House — published in Plasma Frequency 2014 (O/P)

Change of Direction — Published in Chimaera Serials 2007 (O/P)

Riders — published in Xenos 1998 (O/P)

Present Historic — published in Deep Magic 2005 (O/P)

The House of Dreams — published in Lore 2012 (O/P)


All stories available in Eltava: A Sword for All Ages


Ancestral Voices

The Singer and the Song

Just Deserts

The Gold Serpent


The Crystal of the Spheres

The Magic of the Valley

The Eternal Sorceress


Out of a Calm Ocean

Kari & Fai

Steal Away

Rainy Season — Published in Golden Visions 2009 (O/P)

The Temple of Taak-Resh — published by Darwin’s Evolutions 2011 (O/P)

Dweller in the Crack

The Ice in Her Voice — published in Aoife’s Kiss 2012 (O/P)

Hanuut’s Stand — available in The Tale Trove

The Tower of the Seven Stars — published in Beyond the Rose 1999 (O/P)

The Enchanting of the Lost Princess — published in Sci-Fright 1999 (O/P)

Zarnien — published in Xenos 1996 (O/P)

The Treason of Memory — published by Musa Publishing 2012 (O/P)

The City of Ferrid — published by Crystal Codices 2009 (O/P)

The Lone and Level Sands — published by Musa Publishing 2013 (O/P)