Rise and Fall

Rise and Fall: Lost Lore and Legends II

Edited by David Green

Published by Nordic Press

Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk

You think the world is set in stone? Look around: how many Romans d’you see? Everything that rises must fall.

Take the journey through this collection of short fiction tales about the empires of old. How they rose and how they came crashing down, and what might have caused it. In this drabble collection, you will read 100 word stories from some of the brightest indie writers today.

This drabble collection includes three of my stories:

The City at the End of the World is a SF fable of the decay of everything in the universe.

Foundation of Empire describes the foundation of a new world eerily echoing the origins of Rome.

The God of Time is a poetic vignette of the entire history of a civilisation encapsulated in its god’s eyes.

No excerpts, as these are only 100 words each