Tales from the Fluffy Bunny

Tales from the Fluffy Bunny

Edited by Carol Hightshoe

Published by Wolfsinger Publications

​Welcome to the Fluffy Bunny

We welcome everyone — especially those with a story to tell. Adventurers, mercenaries, guardsmen, merchants, noble and peasant. Whoever. If you have a tale to share, then come in and have a seat. First drink and a hot meal are on the house.

What’s a tale without an audience to appreciate it? So, even if you don’t have a tale to share, come in, pull up a seat and enjoy these 17 tales of how a warrior or their weapon earned their name.

The anthology includes my story Sherroth the Hedgehog — the strange tale of how a prince earned his even stranger nickname.

Excerpt from Sherroth the Hedgehog:

This is my tale. My name’s Sherroth, and I’ve been Tyrant of the city-state of Calox for thirty years now, since I succeeded my father as a mere teenager. I prefer Lord of Calox, in fact, but habits can be hard to break.

Now, Dad was one of those rulers that gave the word tyrant a bad name, but I’ve done my best to be different. I’ve cleared the slums and built fine, comfortable houses for the people who lived there. I’ve endowed parks and gardens, a university and our world-famous library. I’ve made peace with the neighbours that used to threaten us and encouraged trade. Everyone’s far more prosperous and happy than they were thirty years ago.

Officially, I’m styled Sherroth the Benevolent, or even Sherroth the Great. It’s an open secret, though, that behind my back I’m known as Sherroth the Hedgehog.

There’s a reason for this. Not a good reason, but a reason.