Welcome to the Fantasy Worlds of Nyki Blatchley

So, I have a new website and a new blog — welcome to both.

OK, what do you write about for the first post in a new blog? It doesn’t seem right to post something that could just as easily be the two-hundred-and-twelfth blog, so I’ll use this to introduce the site. I did have a website before, which I created back in 2007. Now, I’m anything but a designer, and back

then it seemed like a great idea to have white text on a black background. And, for good measure, pack every inch of the screen full of stuff. What could be wrong with that?

I’m still not a designer, but I’ve hung around with enough designers to know better now. I wouldn’t actually call the new site minimalist (I’ve never liked minimalism), but I haven’t been afraid of white space this time.

The Home page and the About page do what they say on the tin — tell you about the website and about me, respectively. The photos of me were taken by the wonderful Arianna Cagli of Ari’s Thread, while the various other images on the site come from a range of sources, but all legally sourced.

The bulk of my fiction is set in a world I’ve been developing since I was at school, which I simply refer to as the Traveller’s World, after the immortal character who runs through its history. On the page devoted to it, I’ve explained how it came to be, as well as a brief outline of its geography and history.

On linked pages, you’ll find maps of the Traveller’s World, available books set there, and a list of all the stories set in the Traveller’s World that have been published, whether or not they’re still in print. I’d like to think that I’ll be adding to those pages on a regular basis.

I also have a number of unconnected stories published in a range of anthologies, ranging from epic to comic, and all those currently in print are listed on the Anthologies page.

I also write articles. In fact, I now write articles for a living, but even before that I wrote about my interests. Some years ago, the website Fantasy Faction published two series of my articles. One was a study of a new way of looking at fictional heroes, called The Chaotic Champion, while the other was a looser series of pieces about older masterpieces of fantasy that are often ignored by today’s fans. Links to all these can be found on the Non-Fiction page.

And then there’s the blog — this very page. I’ll be aiming to update it at least monthly (packed work schedule permitting) on a variety of topics — introducing aspects of my world, introducing new publications, giving reviews, discussions of writing, reading, speculative fiction, history, music — whatever takes my fancy.

I did have an old blog, as well as an old website, which ground to a halt in 2016. It’s still sitting there, and you can read my old posts, but I may repost some that were well received from time to time, as it seems appropriate — or if I can’t think of anything new to write.

You can sign up for notifications of new content at the bottom of the Home page and contact me through the Contact page (who’d have thought that?). In the meantime, I hope you enjoy trawling through the Fantasy Worlds of Nyki Blatchley.

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