The Quels — Expanding the World

Lately, prequels seem to be everywhere on TV. There’s nothing new about prequels, but in the past few months we’ve had (with varied results) prequels for Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings and The Witcher. “Quels” (sequels, prequels and paraquels) aren’t restricted to any one genre, but they seem particularly prevalent in SF andContinue reading “The Quels — Expanding the World”

End of a Draft — and About Time Too

A few days ago, I wrote the final words in the first draft of the novel I’ve been writing for — well, a long time. Far too long. But finishing a draft is still special, even when it should have happened years ago, so it’s worth taking a moment to celebrate. This is a sequelContinue reading “End of a Draft — and About Time Too”

The End of the Matter — Iain (M) Banks

I recently finished Matter by Iain M. Banks. Nothing unusual in that — I’d read plenty of his books, with or without the M. In fact, that’s the point. I’d read all the rest. Although nowhere near the last chronologically, this was the last one left I hadn’t read. It Started With a Signature IContinue reading “The End of the Matter — Iain (M) Banks”