The End of the Matter — Iain (M) Banks

I recently finished Matter by Iain M. Banks. Nothing unusual in that — I’d read plenty of his books, with or without the M. In fact, that’s the point. I’d read all the rest. Although nowhere near the last chronologically, this was the last one left I hadn’t read. It Started With a Signature IContinue reading “The End of the Matter — Iain (M) Banks”

The Dark Is Rising — a Retrospective Review

I recently revisited a children’s fantasy series I first read in the 1970s — Susan Cooper’s The Dark Is Rising sequence. I loved it in the 70s, but what would it be like now? Fortunately, aside from a few elements that felt a little old fashioned, it held up well. It’s a rather odd series,Continue reading “The Dark Is Rising — a Retrospective Review”